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As much as we’d like to, we can’t house all of the indie developers we’ve met in the Execution Labs offices. That sucks, because 1) the Office Badger likes company and 2) one of the great things about developing games at XL is that you have immediate access to other game developers with games that could be a great match for free cross-promotion.

The Lab Partners program is meant to solve the other-indie-access problem, at least in part (alas, there’s nothing we can do for the Badger). We’ve provided a place here on our site where indie devs (please no large studios or publishers...we’ll be playing the indie police!) can come to find other indie devs who might have a game or two that makes sense for you to make direct deals with. And if you want them to be, direct deals can be totally FREE. So that doesn’t suck. Or set up whatever kind of deal you like.

Want to know more about direct deals and why they’re helpful? Try reading this and this, and check out our FAQ.

Here’s what you need to do (only step 1 is required to get rolling):

  1. Submit some information that will help other indies find you. We ask for stuff like game genre, platform, and your contact information.
  2. Search for indie games in similar categories then click on the games that you might want to do a direct deal with to get more details.
  3. Contact that developer and work out the details of your deal as you see fit. Note that a recipient’s email will be masked, LinkedIn-style, until they reply to your request.
  4. Sign up for Chartboost so you can use their tech to easily facilitate the deal. Add your game to your Chartboost dashboard and name it exactly this: Execution Labs Entry.
  5. Let know that you've added the game. Don’t worry, Chartboost doesn’t charge anything for deals you set up directly with other devs. No strings attached, Office Badger’s Honor.

Done with all the steps? Search the list of games for a Lab Partner and start making some deals!

Questions about the program? Contact us at
Questions about Chartboost? Contact

Remember, you need to SIGN UP for Chartboost to take advantage of this program. And keep in mind that Chartboost can be a great revenue generator for you down the road if you want to sell some of your traffic as your player base grows.